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The 2010 Montana ADDY Awards – What We Learned

Friday, February 11th, 2011

The 2010 Montana ADDY Awards Show was held February 5th in Great Falls. The good news is we won and were recognized with 6 ADDY awards! The ADDY Awards and competition is the advertising industry’s way of recognizing and rewarding creative excellence in the advertising field and is considered the advertising industry’s largest competition.

Attending the ADDY Awards, we learned the road to Great Falls was a tough one for many advertising agencies across Montana, both literally and figuratively. Literally, the road to Great Falls was full of risk being ice and snow covered. Figuratively speaking, so was 2010 for most advertising agencies. The Great Recession took its toll on many agencies. There were solemn acceptance speeches thanking employees no longer employed as layoffs were a common theme for the larger agencies in 2010. Companies were also cutting budgets in 2010 and no longer were the large agencies able to make the dollars they once did or charge what they once did. From our small agency’s viewpoint, we felt thankful that our resolve, business model and ability to adapt quickly has allowed us to continue down the road and advance our business. Metaphorically speaking, Darwin’s theory of evolution keeps coming to our mind as we compare the large agency to the small agency in today’s world.

Nonetheless, we left the ADDY Awards encouraged, empowered and thankful we were there and walked away with some recognition. We have deep gratitude for our clients in 2010 as they are the reason we were able to achieve what we did. Here are some of the pieces that were recognized.

Grizzly Scholarship Association – Griz Auction

First Interstate Bank

Paul’s Pancake Parlor

Grizzly Scholarship Association – :30 PSA

Culligan Water of Missoula: 3 spot Campaign
Spot 1
Spot 2
Spot 3

105 Degrees in December in Missoula

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Right about now if you reside in the northern latitudes and are experiencing winter, you’re probably starting to dream about those warm summer breezes and perhaps a nice sandy beach. Well, you can save some dollars on travel and get those warm temps in the north country while doing something good for your body and mind. It’s true…we found a place where it feels like a wonderful hot summer day. And it’s here in the Rocky Mountains in December in Missoula, Montana. We did what might be considered the hottest shoot of our careers this past week and by hottest we mean temperature-wise. As the Spark team are also yoga practitioners, we were thrilled at the opportunity to work with Bikram Yoga Missoula for a commercial shoot.

The shoot went great and our actors were quite the troopers as they did pose after pose so we could capture the perfect shot. And when we say actors, we mean actual yoga students. No these were not professional actors, but everyday people practicing yoga at all levels. It was almost like watching testimonials being performed as each “actor” has their own story why they started doing yoga. Some to get in better shape, some as a stress reliever, some for physical therapy, some for flexibility, some for body detoxing….the list goes on and on. But one thing for sure was that all were there to do something positive for themselves. There’s something to be said about that. Maybe yoga isn’t for everyone, but doing something positive for your mind and body should be for everyone. What positive thing will you do for yourself?

Falling in love with Missoula

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

We think most Missoulians would agree we live in a pretty incredible place and we’re pretty proud to call Missoula home. Although the summers here are extraordinary, fall in Missoula is always a special time. The cool crisp mornings give way to warm brilliantly colored afternoons. Fall is an incredible time to get out there and shoot some Missoula scenery. We’re working on a couple of projects that need some Missoula scenery and footage. So, armed with that excuse we’ve been capitalizing on the beautiful fall weather to capture some Missoula footage. As we’ve been shooting around Missoula, it’s easy to understand how people come here and fall in love. The surrounding natural environment with the mountains and rivers is typically the first to captivate one to Missoula. A close second is we have alot to offer as far as cultural events, fine cuisine and educational opportunities. A friend once said to me “if you’re bored in Missoula, you’re not paying attention as there’s always something to do.” So as we look at our full Fall calendars of events, remember and reflect as to why we love this unique community. Alas, there’s something special about Missoula and fall in Missoula. And we feel fortunate to have been reminded of that as we were out shooting these past few days.

Bears, Zucchinis and a University of Montana Shoot

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

We couldn’t help but notice the recent news story about a woman defending herself against a black bear with a zucchini. It makes one think about dire circumstances and how one reacts. Quick thinking and working with what you’ve got are basic survival instincts. Fight or flight, right? I definitely applaud this woman’s ingenuity and quick thinking in fending off a bear attack. And now I know yet another use for those prolific zucchini in my garden.

We found ourselves in a similar situation on a recent shoot. While not life threatening, we definitely had to work with what we had. It wasn’t an “organized” shoot with professional actors, scripts, defined set and lighting. We were tasked with capturing UM’s Homecoming events for future use in a nicely edited piece. So, that’s what we did in a whirlwind couple of days. We shot everything from the 1970 Reunion Luncheon to the Alumni Social to what most would consider the main event of Homecoming, the football game. And obviously as much planning as you can put into a shoot, there are always the unexpecteds. So, much like life, you go into the whole experience “expecting the unexpected” and relishing the experience of just what you might capture from behind the lens. With alittle ingenuity, quick thinking and nothing short of good luck, we had a great shoot and captured the essence of a UM Homecoming.